3 Reasons to choose Prestige Computer Services

Peace of mind

Certified pre-owned high-end devices with all genuine parts. Like New.

Prestige Warranty

Prestige Certified devices give you a like-new experience with a guaranteed warranty, all while saving you money and reducing waste

It's better for the planet

Reusing a laptop saves 100 Kgs of CO2 emissions* at least (produced during the manufacturing stage), which is equivalent to the CO2 that 5 fully grown trees capture in a year.


Leasing IT Equipment

We provide high-end Computers on rentals, for short-term and long-term leasing basis to support major events, Business Seminars, Government Conferences, Diplomatic summits and sports tournaments in Qatar. We’ve been doing it since inception. Nobody does it better.

Give us a call on 40384383 || 66919155

How We Work

Our Process Is Transparent and User-Friendly.

The devices are collected from different sources. Our entire range of computers and laptops is professionally upgraded, to meet your exact specifications.

All our devices undergo stringent quality checks; tested and approved for resale to the manufacturer's standards.

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