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And know we are both happier and i am not angry anymore i am starting to be the real me

And know we are both happier and i am not angry anymore i am starting to be the real me

I’m so sorry your significant other was a cheater

i am sorry to hear that she treated you that way but all trans people arent selfish cause iam mtf and i am not selfish my partner left me but i understood she couldnt see herself living with me as a female but it would have been nice if we could stay in the relationship but it wasnt meant to be.

I been married 21 years. I just recently survived stage 4 cancer. My husband at 57 years old feels he must now see an counselor to find who he is… After all this time. He said he can’t make me any promises… And it may take years to figure out who he is. So I’m moving into the spare bedroom… He can’t move me in their fast enough. I feel like dying. I thought about it but I have to be strong for our child. Who is 18 now and told me I’m like the old shoe ready to be thrown out. My poor daughter has had to deal with his moodiness and selfishness he Blames on his identity disorder. He told me it was only a fetish for most our married life. I’m 51 and in poor health now… I have to worry about him being dud donated against now, losing our health care… Etc. my heArt I literally torn in half and he durably care. Yet all I do is feel bad for him…I must start to think of me. And my poor child who is also depressed over this.

you are not alone here. Not being good enough anymore is very hurtful. I think it’s important to be ready to move on an not expect too much out of the relationship anymore. You will be constantly disappointed.

What your spouse did is what both sexed and everything in eteeen can potentially do to you. I do get the “ Trans” friends and bar science and how that could been what help end things. We are not into the bar scene and my spouse isn’t really open enough to hit on people. We are a older married couple for 24 yrs now. Cheaters are awful people. Those friends were bad apples, I had relationships with straight guys who friends had ruined our relationships. When I married it was operant to me to marry someone who puts them first over their friends. I fully understand why you now have issues with things being trans. But do realize this happens with straights just as much. Men can get very vicious when they are divorced from a woman who took the home and children cause they cheated, they too get into cliques who women bash and try to get their married friends to ditch their wives or at least to try to get them to live like single men again. This is why we both have each other mainly as friends and we have coffee associates, for now.

Going very slow with friends and mates is extremely important in a world where people more often than not use each other

I read this, It didn’t answer the question I was looking to answer but I just wanted to comment and say I’ve been with my partner for nearly five and a half years it’s not always been simple but we’ve got over the bumps- and I’ve know he’s transgender for 5 of those years- I had a good drink the night he told me, got over the shock asked some questions and supported since – he’s told both our families- and a small selection of our friends but although he’s had some therapy he’s too scared of societal judgement and that of his own family to take it any further – it does put a strain on a relationship so it’s definatley not for those who are unsure. About the children being involved- we have a 3 and a half year old currently she’s too young to explain anything too but I’ve already told my partner when she’s old enough it will be his choice if and how he tells her- She loves him either way and she’ll love him as mum or dad – Please remember when considering children- changing sex WILL NOT change how they perform as a parent – He is amazing and if he decides one day to make the transition She’ll be an amazing mum.

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